Well after an hour of not being able to connect to my mount ( Indi set up didn't check the correct port ( 0) ) finally all snapped in to life . 

Same work flow as above but this time faultless operation , focus , align , track ,image ,etc etc . 

Major result and I even did a small dance around the kitchen ( honestly ).

Great piece of soft ware , only issues that remain are not software related but :-

1     R Pi 4 WIFI , weak so picked up a 5dB improver , which is ok when the areil is on the laptop side of the mount , when slewing to somewhere that means the scope obstructs the areil , signal drops and communication slows to a               crawl .

2     Reflections form the C11 Corrector plate create a light disc in the centre of the image the size and density of which is proportional to the image duration and focal length.

Thanks to all for your suggestions , and to the creators for such a good product .