Thanks a lot !
How can I try it ? Should I switch to "Beta" in the control panel and that's all ?


Hello Jasem,

Thanks for the answer. You are probably referring to ?
Nevertheless, these corrections were made for sesto senso 2 and not for sesto senso 1 (the one I'm using)... but maybe I'm wrong ? (I'm not quite familiar with Github)


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I have similar problems with my Sesto Senso focuser.
Can someone explain me if I have to download things in the github (or elsewhere) to fix the problem ?

Thanks !



I have problems with my Sesto Senso focuser and the Ekos focus module.

1) While making the calibration of the focuser the "moving out" and "moving in" buttons are (sometimes) reversed. But maybe that's normal (after calibration the buttons in Ekos Module are not reversed) ?
2) The step number (the current position of the focuser) does not seem to be updated at the right time. In the GOTO control I need to click 2 times to see the right position.
3) There is a problem when I use the "focus in" and "focus out" buttons in order to move a precise number of step in or out two times in a row. The focuser doesn't go to the right position.
4) I tried to test the Autofocus mode with CCD simulator so I ran the mode and select a star. Then the HFR is calculated for the current position but nothing happens after (the focuser don't move to another position).

Thanks for your help !


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I currently have a problem with SM Web manager when I try to add drivers in a new profile. The error is : "error failed to add drivers to profile".

Nevertheless, it works with the "Simulators" profile.

Does anyone know the solution ?