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Ihoujin post=70451 wrote: Since at its heart it is a raspberry pi, it would be easier to install a the Linux operating system on a new memory card and install KStars/INDI.
I believe someone even wrote a driver to control the 12V power sockets in it.

Maxchess post=70453
There are various flavours of Indi Ekos on Raspberry Pi. The easiest thing to do is get a new SD card and keep the Asair one. The just install the free Astroberry image. www.indilib.org/raspberry-pi/astroberry-server.html
Very straightforward and you get a great range of device drivers. I haven't used ASair, but not sure of added benefit of using Asair branded version.


Thanks for the comments, but I'm not really interested in another solution for now, I really like the ease of the ASIAIR and the android/tablet control over it.
I'd first like to see if I might be able to make it work with the ASIAIR instead of trying to install something else.

If someone could try and give me some suggestions related to that it would be much appreciated.
Thanks! :)