bkevn replied to the topic 'ASIAIR support non ZWO devices?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Completely agree with all you've said, I did get the ASIAIR for basically free from a friend and has been using it for a pretty long time now, I also tried astroberry for a bit, the ASIAIR is surely more limited, but I kinda like what they did in terms of RPI->app communication which is pretty comfortable, so I would like to at least give it a try, big part of it is for fun as well, the time I'll need to invest in it is probably not worth it, but I like to try and learn new things.

So I already managed to do a few things, I used init=/bin/sh and managed to first get user access and gain full root control, I managed to enable ssh/ftp, so now I can pretty much do whatever I want in the system.
It looks like the ASIAIR uses different methods for different equipment, e.g for mounts there is simply an xml file that includes all the details of all the mounts, along with all the indi drivers etc, I do see other indi drivers as well, I assume it's basically the complete indi library installed on the ASIAIR but I think they only use the mounts as 'straightforward', as I said before, the cameras, focuser and filter wheel uses the following libraries(I think .so is dynamic library?):

So as far as I can see, there are 2 possible ways of doing that:
1. Make the ASIAIR read the drivers from the actual indi library folder or files.
2. Replace these drivers with compiled indi drivers, which I don't even know if possible, as I'm not that familiar with indilib, can it even compile to a dynamic library?

Thanks :)