bkevn replied to the topic 'ASIAIR support non ZWO devices?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Oh nice, I didn't knew it works throughout the whole system....
I installed the INDI drivers on my ubuntu VM, I tried to copy them from the ubuntu machine to the ASIAIR matching folders /usr/share, /usr/bin, it looks like I'm still not able to see any other drivers, but I think I can no longer connect to other devices as well(detected, but gives me some connection error), maybe it's because the ubuntu drivers are not supposed to match a raspbian ones?

I'll try to look at the astroberry repo to see if they have any.
As for your question, I'm trying to use it for a secondary rig, I'm very familiar with windows, and I tried ubutnu/astroberry in the past, and they work just fine for certain people, but for my needs the ASIAIR currently really gives a huge value because you really don't need to do much, and it's quite dummy proof, I sometimes struggle enough with my main gear, so having my secondary gear running as fast as possible without much to worry about is really valuable for me, and once again the ease of simply using the app on my phone/tablet is very comfortable.

I'm not trying to say the ASIAIR is better than other solutions, there are pros and cons for everything.
And once again, I love to learn, and I already learned more than I knew yesterday about INDI, so I think I'll continue tinkering with it until I reach a point where I see no hope ahead, maybe I'll even decide to ditch the ASIAIR, who knows :)

Thanks for the help, appreciate that.