Got the same problem with my Vixen Starbook 10 first. I suppose the Starbook 10 the does have a static IP in his own /24 network (subnetmask On the actual version this is If you choose "Direct Ethernet" on your StellarMate network connection menu (upper right on the StellarMate VNC Screen) StellarMate want to have, two. But he don't can, because this address is allready used by starbook 10, so StellarMate hops to the next network and chooses the IP And now the problem is completed. Both devices are in complete diffrent networks and can't talk to each other. The StellarMate has to be configured that he don't choose with "Direct Ethernet"

That's how I solved the problem:
1. Connect to StellarMate by VNC
2. On StellarMate go to Preferences->Advanced Network Configuration
3. Choose "Direct Ethernet" and enter settings (wheel icon on the lower left)
4. Go to the "IPv4 Settings" Tab
5. Under "Method" choose "Shared to other computers"
6. Under "Address (optional)" add for "Address", 24 for "Netmask" and leave "Gateway" empty
7. Save Settings (lower right) and leave the "Advanced Network Configuration"
8. Connect StellarMate, addionally to your Wifi connection, to "Direct Ethernet" (network icon on the upper right of your StellarMate Screen)
9. Now Ekos should connect to your Vixen Starbook 10. Don't forget to reconfigure Ekos to use, as you have written on your question. This still have to be done.

That worked for me.