Let me first say thank you for such a great piece of software and specially for this new polar alignment method, a life saver for all of us that don’t have direct view to Polaris.

I’ve successfully used the method to get under 1’ error, having tried at different sky locations (I have a clear view NE-East-South).

After doing the polar alignment I use PHD2 for guiding so I usually run Guiding Assistant to confirm the PA error. The problem is that there is a huge misalignment between both, yesterday for example I finished Ekos PA under 1’ but when I run PHD2 guiding assistant it reported 42’, and I think PHD2 was right as the drift was evident. After that I run the drift alignment in PHD2 and I was able to get under 3’ of error which was good enough for imaging. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to measure back the PA error in Ekos as it refused to plate solve giving a timeout (never happened before)

What could be causing this deviation? My only guess is that there is some error in the configuration. Camera and focal length setting were set equally in both, however my guide scope has theoretical FL of 120mm, but when I did plate solving in Ekos for the first time it reported 128mm based on the FoV calculation, so I set it like that since the beginning. Seems strange to me that there is a 7% variation between the manufacturer theoretical FL and the real one, maybe this is the error?

Any suggestions? This is driving me nuts, it takes me forever to do PHD2 drift alignment, min 1h, so it would be amazing if I could use Ekos and have PA done in 10min.