Like magic! I set the FL to 120mm ignoring the warning message in Ekos and was able to get similar PA error both in Ekos PA and PHD2 drift alignment.

The routine I followed was to first run PHD2 drift alignment and guide assistant first, which reported an error of 6’5”.

Then I run Ekos PA and before adjusting the knobs it reported an error of 4’5”, a bit of a gap but much better than my previous tries.

Then I adjusted to 0’5” in Ekos and run a second iteration which confirmed the same error practically. I then run PHD2 guiding assistant and got 1’5” error.

So in my case there is something like 1-2 arcminutes of deviation between both, for me enough to use the much faster Ekos PA routine. I was able to confirm it by taking same 5mins pictures with perfect round stars.

So in my case it seems the wrong FL was the error, I hope this helps others.

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