That's great to hear. I am going to attempt that on my next session. I kind of got into the habit of the current way and didn't explore it as I was also unsure if it's toomuch for the Pi. I'm on Pi4 4GB.


Hi there,
I have been using Astroberry for the last 6-8 months and the way I do it (I believe I read it somewhere or saw it on a video):
1. Setup the indiserver on the Pi running
2. Use Kstars on my Mac to connect to astroberry.local server (lan/wifi etc)
3. Imaging guiding etc all through my Mac connecting to the Pi but images downloaded remotely to the Pi only.

I am wondering how most people do it? Do you actually have Kstars/Ekos running on the Pi and just view the Pi through VNC etc and let it run that way so you're not reliant on the external laptop?
Would my imaging/guiding be impacted due to the way I do it..?

Love to hear what's best practice.


Oh I also had to do the rules for the FTDI and the iPolar so remember to grab both IDs.


Hey, I wanted to provide an update as it looks like I've solved the issue (Thanks to Alex at FLO).

So it seems maybe the Astroberry and my Pi had some weird udev rules for MTP errors. The rules clashed or I believe it considered the mount as something else than the FTDI.

I was having errors randomly, if it was 5mins, 10mins or hour or two. I was LOSING my mind and thinking it was the mount... 

SO.. I followed these instructions:
Try creating a new udev rule to match the FTDI adaptor ID, these instructions could help here. Delete the rule if it does not help:

1. Identified the USB id
2. Created a defined MTP udev rule to skip and go to the end
3. Boom! Worked.

I have had two nights of no input/output errors at all.
The mount is connected through a non powered USB hub to the USB3 port By the way too.


Reading more on this, the MTP issue could be showing a few different things... either GEM45 faulty or my Pi rules are messed up?


Hi there,

I'm at a loss and now wondering if this is a potential GEM45 issue... after trawling the net.

- Astroberry - Pi4
- GEM45 (latest v.) bought late 2021.

I have plugged in the GEM45 to a usb hub as advised, tried powered and not powered.  Either the device won't register immediately and I need to restart Pi or services or the mount. Finally after registering it will work for a random period of time and then issue a 'Write Command Error: Write Error: Input/Output Error' - see attached the screenshot.

I then restart and may work again. After awhile it will do it again. I'm losing my freaking mind. Now after digging into the Pi's logs I can see at the exact same time the following:
Ignore the times on this log but its the same at each time associated with the syslog. 

[2022-01-04T20:05:53.804 GMT DEBG ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - iOptronV3 : "[DEBUG] CMD <:GLS#> "
[2022-01-04T20:05:53.805 GMT INFO ][           org.kde.kstars.indi] - iOptronV3 :  "[ERROR] Write Command Error: Write Error: Input/output error "
Jan  4 18:21:02 astroberry kernel: [  366.821341] usb 1- new full-speed USB device number 11 using xhci_hcdJan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.241615] usb 1- device descriptor read/64, error -71Jan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.608969] usb 1- New USB device found, idVendor=0403, idProduct=6015, bcdDevice=10.00Jan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.608989] usb 1- New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3Jan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.609005] usb 1- Product: FT230X Basic UARTJan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.609020] usb 1- Manufacturer: FTDIJan  4 18:21:03 astroberry kernel: [  367.609034] usb 1- SerialNumber: D3091ILCJan  4 18:21:03 astroberry vhusbdarm[723]: Found Full speed device [0403:6015] "FTDI, FT230X Basic UART" at address 11224Jan  4 18:21:03 astroberry mtp-probe: checking bus 1, device 11: "/sys/devices/platform/scb/fd500000.pcie/pci0000:00/0000:00:00.0/0000:0$Jan  4 18:21:03 astroberry mtp-probe: bus: 1, device: 11 was not an MTP deviceJan  4 18:21:03 astroberry systemd-udevd[1688]: Process '/bin/sh -c 'test -f /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb && test $(ca$Jan  4 18:21:05 astroberry kernel: [  369.811872] usb 1- reset high-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcdJan  4 18:21:06 astroberry vhusbdarm[723]: Unmanaging device 11224 [0403:6015]Jan  4 18:21:06 astroberry kernel: [  370.264308] usb 1- USB disconnect, device number 11
According to sites, it is meaning the device is faulty?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



Steve replied to the topic 'Polar alignment suggestion ..' in the forum. 1 year ago

I've got the same issue and I am at a loss on how to fix this - I've moved to a new mac running it and now the issue appears, on my previous mac with Kstarts I didn't have the issue. Using a 533MC + GT71.

Following this thread..


Steve replied to the topic 'I can't upgrade AB203 ¿GPSD?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Following this as I have the same issue. I've downloaded 2.0.2 to test out


Hi there,

I saw this post about the Delta RMS threshold exceeded, and I experienced the same issue the other night and I've had constant trouble in trying to guide correctly. 

I am still learning on what's right/wrong, if it is settings vs SGP polar scope or just I'm not polar aligned correctly when I sling to a target?

I have tested a dot on the piece of paper on the wall and turned the RA 360deg to see if it goes out of the crosshairs. It's very hard to tell as I move my head slightly then the scope view moves too - but from my minor testing it slightly moves out of the crosshairs and back in I believe.

Would that be enough to cause issues too, or would the slight movement be my head ? haha.  Also I read that I should put the guiding rate at 1 not 0.5 for SGP for DSO is that incorrect?
I know it's a lot to take in, but I am confused, I've attached some logs which I can't seem to decipher the issue and a screenshot of the guiding.

I'd love some feedback/advice if possible!