tkakura replied to the topic 'INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hi Simon

Various fixes have been made to indi-sv305-ccd since INDI 1.9.8.
In particular, the still unreleased INDI 1.9.9? has improved exclusion control and is somewhat less prone to freezing.
"Another annoying issue" can be improved by using the latest INDI and indi-svbony-ccd.
If it still freezes, killing indiserver or indi_svbony_ccd* may allow you to reconnect without rebooting.
* In your case, it is indi_sv305_ccd.

I believe that probably the next astroberry release will support up to INDI 1.9.8. You will have to wait further until the next release of 1.9.8.

I don't know the cause for the image being binary.
I think I have seen a similar phenomenon with SV405CC, but I wasn't concerned about it because the image was normal when I reconnected.