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I am still a bit woolly on focus failure. I have seen focusing repeat another pass, I guess its failed and trying for a second or third time. I am trying to run imaging as Jobs so will try and work out what the job does if focusing returns control. There are limits that can be set in the capture sequence and maybe some in the job so need to study this.

The Linear algorithm makes 2 passes, the Linear 1 Pass algorithm makes 1.

A good way to get familiar with this is to setup the simulators and practice focusing with these rather than wasting imaging time. If you configure the telescope simulator, focuser simulator, CCD simulator and Filter Wheel simulator you can try out whatever you want. For example, if you set the focus annulus to 50 : 50 you will simulate zero stars (like cloud cover) and see how the system behaves with retries etc. So you can get the options you want and then set the options on your real rig.

Thanks for the OAG explanation. I hadn't picked that up. The EKOS documentation takes a slightly different approach:
Suspend Guiding: Suspend Guiding while autofocus in progress. If the focus process can disrupt the guide star (e.g. when using Integrated Guide Port IGP whereas the guider is physically attached to the primary CCD), then it is recommended to enable this option. When using Off-Axis guider, then this option is not necessary.

I updated this section in the manual - are you looking at the latest version?

Would be handy if Dialog label or hint text gave a clearer explanation. Suspend Guiding option box not ticked and greyed out if using a guide scope or allow suspend guiding to work with a guide scope and let the user make the call. It's a confusing dialog if nothing happens when clicking this option.

I agree. I don't know why it was done like this.