I am just now able to try out Kstars 3.3.6, after having used 3.3.4 for some time. Everything is good, except for what happens after the polar alignment procedure. I go through the mount adjustments, then click "Done", and the mount starts moving. The first time this happened, I panicked, but it turns out the mount was apparently commanded to park. This behaviour is different than the previous kstars/EKOS behaviour, in which clicking "done" just stopped the image looping and left the mount where it was (either RA +60 or -60 from zero position).

I don't like this. I never park my mount. A CEM60 wants you to power off the mount after it is parked - I don't want to do that for lots of reasons, not least of which is why should I power cycle my mount just because I polar aligned it? Parking means end of the night, not just another step in getting ready to image.

Anyway, perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or have missed an option somewhere. Thanks for any help with this.


Charles Wright