In another thread, Jasem mentioned the need for new documentation for using PyIndinew documentation for using PyIndi . I've been searching around myself and stumbled across two links to tutorials that do not seem to be accessible in the obvious way:

INDI Python Programming
Also, this one, same title: INDI Python Programming

These appear to be nearly identical and not reachable from an obvious point, like Community->Tutorials. I only reached them accidentally through a search of the whole web. Also, it could use some more detailed (for the novice) explanations.

Here are some other questions that keep popping up for me in my quest to control a filter wheel and a camera:

  1. When I use sendNewNumber() to change the filter, how do I know when this operation is complete? Is there some other indicator in the device that I can check?
  2. In the list of standard properties for filter wheels, there is FILTER_SLOT and FILTER_NAME. The first is a number and you write to it to change the filter. The second is a list of all filter names for the filter wheel - at least it is on my filter wheel. But the list says it's supposed to be the filter wheel's current slot name. Either the code is wrong or the docs are wrong. To be honest, I like the current behavior, but the doc needs to be corrected.
  3. What is the purpose of the call setBLOBMode(PyIndi.B_ALSO, name, "CCD1") in the example found in the INDI Python Programming links? I mean, I guess it sets the BLOB mode, but what other BLOB modes are there? And what is this function actually doing?