Thanks for the info.

Re: #2, I am referring to the text description for FILTER_NAME in the list of standard properties, which says, "The filter wheel's current slot name" (see attached), I think it needs to be corrected to say something like "A list of the names of the filter in each slot"

OK, I see the Python article link. The article is informative enough to get going, but I must say it's pretty terse. There is value in "unpacking" the details.

My thoughts were to keep the installation info, then give a very brief example so readers have some idea of what's involved. After that go into more details about retrieving and manipulating properties. Also, it would be good to know which of the fields in a property object are meant to be used, and what they contain. I will try to explain things that I ended up figuring out by trial and error, which I think is a good place to perhaps discuss the threading model.

Also, we should explain more how to use the class that inherits from PyIndi.BaseClient. I have only seen two examples, but I wonder how often I'm going to have to write something special for "newSwitch()", for example.

I think some device-type descriptions would be helpful. Filter wheels are pretty simple, but I can see the need for separate sections on cameras, streaming and definitely telescopes. I'm happy to try to start a framework for others to help fill in (!)