Rolled back to 3.5.6, and the QHY driver crash is gone. Thanks.


So I’ve been using this about a month now and I really do love the program when it works. It does everything and it looks great doing it. My problem is it’s very inconsistent. No I don’t have logs but I still intend to try to trouble shoot my potential issues. Here goes…

First off there have been occasions when everything worked for several hours but it usually takes a few hours and several restarts to get there.

Here are the potential pitfalls. I’m using a 2010 MacBook Pro 16GB memory 256GB SSD using High Sierra with USB 2.0 connected to a powered USB 2.0 hub by a 15’ USB cable. I run with WiFi and BT off. No programs in background. I have a Canon DSLR, ZWO 120 Mini, and EQ6R, all plugged into the hub and then off to the Mac. 

The most frequent issues are with DSLR function. Losing function during the photo process and upload process. This affects imaging, plate solving, polar alignment. The mount never has connection or function issues. The guider cam rarely has issues. I did have an issue plate solving. Initially it worked fine. Then after a crash it wouldn’t work. Deleting the folders instructed by here pretty much fixed that.

So anyone have any guesses as to why the connectivity issues would occur but after several hours and restarts eventually everything work’s flawlessly? This has happened on more than one occasion. I’ve tried 2 different tether cables between the DSLR and hub. I’ve tried connecting the DSLR directly to the Mac. Am I asking too much of an 11yo MacBook Pro? Or am I asking too much of USB 2.0 to carry data of 3 different devices simultaneously over 15’ of cable?

Also there was a thread on live stacking in Ekos. Was this ever implemented? If so how’s it activated?

Thank you for the help and the great program.