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Hello everyobdy

I am here to share some photos of my current indi / ekos setup :)


It runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B with Arch Linux ARM and my own setup (see, profile "AstroPi" for more info).
  • Losmandy G11
  • RC8" with carbon fibres
  • Sesto Senso 2
  • QHY163m
  • ASI ZWO 224MC as OAG
  • 0.67 Astrophysics Focal reducer
  • ATIK filter wheel with LRGBHSO
Some of the photos taken with this setup so far:
Cygnus wall in HRGB (Ha as Luminance):

NGC6888 in LRGB (my OIII filter was missing at that time)


After recompiling the 3rd party drivers it seems to work now.


I now have the current version from the master branch installed, and the focuser works now.

However, indi_qhy_ccd keeps on crashing:


Thanks, just found the reported issue on github.

Although I don't use PPA's :P

Since I compile it from source I will try an update and see if it works now, thanks


Thanks, I just found that this is an already reported issue that was fixed in the new build.


Hello everybody :)

I tried out my new Sesto Senso 2 yesterday for the first time in the field.
However, EKOS / INDI seems to have issues with auto focusing. It would start focusing, then outputs "Moving outward by XXX steps", the motor moves but Ekos never stops waiting for the movement to finish.
Basically what I think that happens is, that Indi does not get or relay the "Done" response from the auto focuser, and Ekos keeps on waiting and waiting until I hit "Abort" in the Indi Control panel in the sesto senso 2 tab.

The current focusing position is also only updated after I hit "Abort".

Is anybody here with a Sesto Senso 2 who might know how to fix this issue?
Maybe define a low timeout somewhere?