Steve created a new topic ' Slew rate defaults back to 1 ?' in the forum. 7 years ago

Trying my Kubuntu 17.04 (Kstars bleeding) setup tonight with my NEQ6 mount. I seem unable to tweak the mount with the hand controller as the slew rate keeps going back to x1?.
If I set the slew rate to say x16 and push the joystick North it works ok but when I let go or move the joystick South,West or East the slew rate drops to x1?.
The Indi control panel is showing the joystick works ok by indicating
2017-05-30T22:10:11: North Slew stopped
2017-05-30T22:10:10: Starting North slew.
2017-05-30T22:10:09: South Slew stopped
2017-05-30T22:10:08: Starting South slew.
etc etc .
How can I keep the slew rate fixed so that I can use the joystick ok or is there some other setting I need to make please as I`m using a refractor and its not easy to try and tweak the mount using the N,S,E and W buttons in Ekos on the laptop same time as looking through the finder.