Thank you, Jasem and Dirk, for your quick responses to my post. I originally included a quote of Dirk's post #66607 (which is at the end of page 2 of this topic) in my submission but unfortunately it looks like it didn't make it through so some of what I said won't make sense.

Anyway, the Mount Type (also termed Mount Code) is 0x06 as reported in the "Mount type not supported. 6" error message. A minor point to note: this error message only appears when connecting via Ethernet (for the AZ-EQ5 I used the Skywatcher WiFi adapter). A serial connection only returns the CheckIfDCMotor & SkywatcherAPIMount::Handshake - Result: 0 messages that Dirk describes in #66607. Maybe the code for the "Mount type not supported" message doesn't get triggered with failed serial connections but the underlying cause is the same.

#66607 also mentions that Jean-Luc did modify SkywatcherAPI to support his AZ-EQ5 and that's what I'm referring to in the first sentence of my initial post.

Thanks again!


It seems that the code supporting the AZEQ5 mount that's described in the above post didn't make it to the current stable release of the Skywatcher drivers (v1.9.0)? I tried the alt-az driver v1.3 with my new AZEQ5 in ALT-AZ configuration and get the error message "Mount type not supported. 6"). Looking at skywatcherAPI.h from the master branch, I see there's no enumerated MountType for AZEQ5. skywatcherAPI.cpp from the master branch doesn't have the IsAZEQMount() code. 

Was this an oversight since the AZEQ6 fixes suggested in this thread are in the master branch?