I mentioned this in another thread:  indilib.org/forum/stellarmate/10945-meri...t-counting-down.html

With v1.9.4.  I'm having the Meridian counter not updating using OnStep.  I hadn't updated my system in several months.  Previously worked fine.

The problem seems to occur when Tracking is turned on.
When Tracking is OFF, the Coordinates RA and LST update every second.
When Tracking is turned ON, the Meridian Flip counter updates but then doesn't change.  I would then expect AZ and ALT to update frequently, but no Coordinates change.

I don't know if this is OnStep, but the other person was also using OnStep also.  Log file shows everything working properly.
Is anyone else having similar issues?  Might be Ekos internals or a different driver.  Also using ASI cameras and NexDome.