jack sharp created a new topic ' Pegasus UPB rollback' in the forum. 1 year ago

Please could someone tell me how to rollback the driver version for my Pegasus UPB ? It is currently on Version 1.5
I know the dew aggressiveness message is not an issue and is just thrown away but I would like to roll it back to the corresponding version for my UPB. It is the version with only USB2 ports, old style, not the new all blue aluminium case.
I assume it's fairly simple and involves removing the new version and adding the old. Not sure where to find the old version and I could do with reassurance on the syntax in terminal. It would also be helpful to know how to stop this driver updating in future please.
Many Thanks in advance

using Stellarmate on RPi4.
Kstars on Linux PC
INDI panel indicates firmware for UPB is 1.5