jack sharp replied to the topic 'AZEQ6 + EQMOD' in the forum. 1 year ago

I'm certainly no expert but might be able to point you in the right direction ...
I have an AZEQ6 connected via bluetooth but I assume the same principles apply. I did an update recently and found the fix for my issue was simple.
assuming your using INDI control panel and have EQMod Mount set as your mount in the imaging software your using....
INDI control panel needs to know which device/port to use (in your case...usb, my case bluetooth) for its connection to the mount.
from a command line type "lsusb" to make sure your eqmod is at least recognised by your system.
this is where you'll have to do some info hunting of your own i'm afraid.
when i connect my bluetooth eqmod, I then create a virtual serial port (in my case it's called rfcomm0)
I have that saved in the "port" section of the "connection" tab for EQMod Mount in INDI control panel as /dev/rfcomm0
yours will look need to look something like this ... /dev/ttyUSB2. you just need to figure out which USB device it is.
if you don't have the right port/usb device set it just won't connect. when my setup had mount issues...this sorted it for me
hope it helps you at least start to figure out what's wrong.