jack sharp replied to the topic 'Is INDI ready for Ubuntu 22.04?' in the forum. 7 months ago

I've just had some fun with this issue... today I have upgraded from Kubuntu 20.04 LTS to 21.10 and then on to 22.04 LTS only to find indi and kstars all screwed up and giving me grief getting it all reinstalled etc. basically the same issues everyone else is having.

my workaround....

I have just setup indi-allsky on a rpi4... part of that process was to run a script to build/install indi. The script dealt with the vast majority of the dependency issues nicely so... I ran that script on this pc... I did have to use muon package manager to enforce use of a certain version of something (can't remember the name atm but it'll be in the list of unmet dependencies) but indi installed and is indi-full I think. no drivers missing so far. happy days.

sudo apt install kstars-bleeding definitely works from the ppa with Kubuntu 22.04 :)

Having done it this way... I seem to have got it working fully. ZWO cams x2, zwo efw8, EQmod (bluetooth), pegasus upb, sqm, flip-flat and openweather all working fine. of course that is because it is currently raining. it'll crash as soon as I roll the roof off the observatory ;) ;)

hope that bit of info helps anyone else struggling to figure this one out.