jack sharp replied to the topic 'Is INDI ready for Ubuntu 22.04?' in the forum. 7 months ago

just some supplementary info to help guide people like me (basic linux users) with sorting this problem. After messing up my system completely (novice linux user getting ahead of himself) I reinstated it from a backup and carried on playing around and I've learned a few things...

If you are running a rpi at the mount and connecting to that remotely from your pc all is not lost, there's good news... you should be fine until you upgrade the rpi to run on 22.04. :-)

If you install gsc and then kstars bleeding from jasem's ppa on a clean install of 22.04LTS... it will install without any conflicts or dependency problems at all. This does only install indi-bin though. All you then need to do is setup a new equipment profile in kstars (on the upgraded 22.04 computer) identical to your usual one. You then select the equipment as you normally would but you'll notice that the driver names have a little icon next to them. These are the remote drivers that are running on your rpi. If your equipment is not connected to your pc... your pc does not need the drivers itself. It just needs to connect to the indi server that is connected to the equipment. This is how I'm working around the issue until I decide to poke about under the hood and inevitably break linux again....probably this afternoon ;-)

If you are connecting your equipment directly to your pc then you're gonna be doing some compiling soon if you want indi-full I'm afraid. Compiling does work as long as you've got the patience to deal with the couple of dependency issues that will arise until libindi1 is updated. These clever chaps who write all this software for us will figure out the issue pretty soon I suspect.

btw...when you clone the indi-allsky project from github there is a build_indi.sh script in the misc folder. It's a lazy way to get indi-full but it worked for me until I bricked my system.