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When will the iPad app get updated i app store?
Android devises seem to be running ver. 2.3.2 while Apple devises is on 2.3.0

With the youtube video presenting ver. 2.4.0 i guess that will be the next update, but when?

The 2.4.0 version seems exciting.


Awesome, it works!
After a quick test run everything seems good, it does not crash and preset names can’t be the same anymore :)

Thanks a lot for your help.

Now them clouds just find somewhere else to hang out :P


Not on my part so far. I just went through every module having no issues at all besides what have been mentioned.However, a few wishes if I may:

  1. The raspberry’s CPU temperature in device tab under system/info
  2. Double tap on a image/subexpourse to 100% size and double tap it again to fit screen
For the first one it would be nice to know hot it’s getting in the climate I am in.And the second one is just for better image judging, pinch zoom is okay but it dont tell me when its at 100% and over 100%.I really appreciate you looking into the problems, thank you.


Version 2.3.0 (Bundle v71)

Latest version from App Store


I’ve just booted the StellarMate/raspberry up and checked again. When in the focus module I can add a new preset at the “+” sign/button, and change whatever setting and save it. Back at the main focus module the app shuts down when selecting the newly added preset or the default preset. This happens either when using simulators or real equipment.Preset names can also be the same in the same module.. “name1” and ”name1” which also make it crash.The next week screams cloudy weather where I am located :(  but hoping for a fixed app when or if it ever clears up again :)


Hi Michael,

I have the same problem on my iPad (8. generation) as well.. It also allows preset names to be the same which also makes it crash.
Would be nice with an app update on this problem since it seems not be a singe user experience.

Anybody else having the same or similar issues with the app on iPad?