Thank you Jasem for taking the time to test it!
This doesn't happen for me either if I use the simulator, however it happens "in production" with my gears.
I have the following setup:
- SW EQ6 Pro
- ASI 1600 GT (same as 1600 MM but with EFW incorporated SBIG-like)
- ASI 290 MM mini for guiding
- ASI EAF Motor
- Pegasus Power Box Advance

I run everything on the Raspberry to which I connect using VNC via browser or alternatively TeamViewer if I'm away from home.
Did you also have a look at the log file? Any suggestion on how I can try to get more informations on what's going on? I'll try to run KStars with gdb tonight, let's hope it will give me a more descriptive output of the hard crash.
Anyway thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it!