I am OK on C and C++ but I am an absolute and complete newbie in this environment. 
I want to write a simple client to control a CCD camera on the 'scope.
I am more than happy to base it on the tutorial examples given.
I want to run the client on a Raspberry Pi.
I can successfully compile and run the tutorial examples, on the RPi, but I am struggling at the (rather elementary) point of trying to compile my edited versions of those example cpp files.
Two specific questions.
1. I am currently using the (most helpful) steps described in the web site to compile the whole tutorial set on the RPi in one go, but I am not confident of how to compile just the edited code I have written. It offends me to take the easy way out and do them all every time.
2. Very specifically, to make the tutorials work with my camera (QHY8L) rather than the simulated CCD, where do I look for the right word/name/description to put into the tutorial to make it work with the real camera.  I feel there must be a list of possible names but I have not stumbled up on it. I have tried substituting "QHY CCD" for "Simulated CCD" but that doesn't seem to result in code that works.

Thanks in advance for any help to get this newbie off the starting blocks..