Hi All,

I have created a fork/branch of a driver and renamed it to be indi_rpicam2x so you can have both in parallel.

So this is hardcoded binning, without framing it is fixed resolution! Framing is possible next feature. One day, maybe, I will integrate this to main driver so no need for two drivers. This driver is recommended for guiding, and dimmer targets.

Guide how to build is on section "Building individual 3rd Party Drivers".
Driver is currently based on v1.9.6 of indi, as there are some breaking changes in nightly build I have reverted them and I will put them back when nightly goes live. If I remember, you can send me reminder here if needed.

On little fun side of things, i was imaging Saturn other day with REGULAR driver, so unbinned. I framed Saturn to 900x800px to reduce download speed. Imaged with Skywatcher 127 MAK. Could have do better job with focus and post processing. Imaged 1500 frames, stacked ~100 of it. Raw streaming would be brilliant if it could be done. There is raspiraw implementation that allows 11FPS at full resolution, so framed it could go to 120FPS easily.