Hi Jason,

Last time we discussed libcamera was not good for our purpose due to speed limitations, now as I read it has become a lot faster. libcamera-still can record unprocessed DNG files, and libcamera-raw can record full res(4056x3040) at 10FPS that is just 1 fps slower than mmal driver.

Unfortunately I am barely capable of altering this driver, and not even good in that as properly I should be able to implement binning in original driver, let alone doing full implementation. If someone with good knowledge is to setup everything and make basic image and stream, I might be able to help with integration of additional features if needed. I have no idea how could I use libcamera-still to get data to INDI :D or should I use that or just use sourcecode of libcamera-still and raw. It would be good if we could just use those commands and stream their data.

The stuff we need to integarate would be libcamera-still - that is giving us option to record raw DNG-s, that is I guess similar to FITs, and libcamera-raw for raw videorecording/ streeming.

Interesting optional feature we could use for libcamera-raw would be possibility to save to "ramdisk" as that would enable us to have maximum speed, and then transfer data where needed when recording finishes( or even better while recording is progres slowly move from ramdisk to sdcard). This should be an option as it would not be good for RPis with 1gb of ram.