For the record, this post is about the original Star Adventurer and the 2i variant.

To reiterate the support. I have been using the 2i variant with both the EQMod driver, and the new specific 2i driver ( which only handles connection via wifi or usb ), for a number of months now. I am able to perform most of the actions that you can do with a EQMod mount ( only in RA ) such as GoTo, Manual slew, dithering, turning tracking on and off, controlling the tracking rate, and parking the mount. I use it in APP mode with a USB connection.

As of this post date, I do not think the GTi is out in any market, as it was only announced a couple days ago. I know some reviewers have received production examples, but that doesn't mean that it is out in the wild.

I suspect however, given that the GTi works with the SyncScan app, that it will more then likely work out of the box with the EQMod driver and INDI. I know of at least one reviewer which had no issues using EQMod with ASCOM, so I suspect it will be a similar story as it responds to the same USB commands.