Got a powered USB hub and disabled all sound notifications in KSTARS. This fixed all my random crashes and problems instantly.
FYI a new version of fxload was included in the most recent astroberry update.


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All problems have been rectified. No more random driver crashes or temperature malfunctions.

Using a powered USB hub and disabling all sound notifications in KSTARS fixed everything.
Really enjoying the Astroberry server once again...


did disabling sounds fix your issues?
just curious as i see similar erros to yours at random crashes


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So i have had a play with my new QHY294m-pro on kstars/ekos (astroberry rpi4) and have a few issues.

1. When i plug the camera into a usb3 slot, after a random short while either the indi qhy driver crashes (and kstars completely closes) or ekos freezes with weird values shown for the camera temp and cooling (image attached).
2. When i plug the camera into a usb2 slot, the system is more stable however the indi qhy driver still crashes randomly and kstars completely closes. 

Is the indi qhy driver unstable?

Can these driver crashes/issues be due to power load on the rpi4 usb slots (currently have star adv mount, ASI120 guide cam and qhy294m-pro cam plugged into rpi4) and should i iuse a powered usb3 hub?

I'm completely up to date using sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade commands (my post above shows ekos device info).
I can have the qhy camera plugged into a solid 12V AGM battery or mains supply.

Any help to get my system stable would be greatly appreciated.  


hey mate.
i just got a new qhy294m-pro cam. im running ekos on astroberry on a rpi4.
You mention you needed a powered usb3 hub to get the qhy cam to work properly. My qhy indi driver always crashes when plugging the camera directly into a usb3 port on my rpi4. it crashes less when plugged into a usb2 slot instead. is this something you found too? Can you use your qhy cam in a usb3 slot on the rpi via the powered hub without crashes?



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Hi all,

I've been using Kstars/Ekos via Astroberry on a Rpi4 for a while now with my DSLR etc and all is going fine.

I've just upgraded to a QHY294m-pro. Ekos can connect to the QHY camera but i have a question about its drivers. 

In the general info tab, the sdk shows 21.7.3 (see image) but i know the recent QHY SDK is 21.09.10. Should this be updated? How do i go about updating this if needed?
Also how do i know if version 2.8 and interface 2 is the most recent and if i need to update that too?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.