Hi all, my setup worked flawlessly for the last 3 months (remote observatory), but over the last 3 nights it had a disappointing behavior after the meridian flip: its slews across the meridian and then it loops into aligning without actually re-centering the target.
Apparently this happens only with high altitude targets but I did not set any mount limits in Ekos.
At first I believed in a mechanical issue of the HEQ5 mount (some backlash or telescope hitting a tripod leg), but I physically went to inspect the setup and this is not the case. 
When the issue happens, Kstars/Ekos correctly show where the scope is pointing in the sky, plate solving works and the target object is set, therefore Ekos correctly calculates the alignment error.
Kstars shows the marker where the scope is pointing and this matches the plate solve rectangle.
When Ekos tries to "slew to target" due to error accuracy not met, scope does not move, nor expected scope position marker moves in Kstars.
This behavior seems to lead into a software problem rather than electrical or mechanical (I would see the scope position moving in Kstars then).
Do you have any idea where to look into finding the problem? 

I enclose a screenshot of the log of one of these sessions where after the flip it loops into alignment and fails.
Many thanks! Fabio