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Small update

Seems new driver works a bit better. Initially it would not solve anything, saying I ran out of I deleted all downloads and only picked the required. worked better at least.

Still not 100% happy with it tho...

So I do some solving/polar align with the main camera + telescope and it works right away...
1st image solved
move to 2nd position
2nd image solved
move to 3rd position
3rd image solved and then some wcs?

With built in solver Kstars crashes to desktop all times
Tried another solver and it works!

So then to follow instructions to move star along the lines...I didnt even see the darn star...
I need to watch some Yt videos on that part.

Lets pretend I could align properly - move Ekos window out of way as "minimize" also minimizes KSTARS.. rightclick some targets like Sirius and select mount/goto and the thingybob moves over swiftly and starts tracking there...

Lots of things to learn, good thin I practice at home so I can have the laptop inside the garage - hooked up on WIFI to Astroberry.

What do I want to do next?

I assume setting up and start shooting a lot of pictures of something and see what comes out the other end.


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OK, here was the link.

I ran it again and now at least the camera seems to work better.

I start Kstars (im in Astroberry btw)
under tools / devices I select "run service for my RPI camera and LX200 Onstep I created
They both start services just fine and appears to work from there.

I then start up PHD2 as I want to use this camera for guiding so here I can connect equipment and both camera and Mount have populated fields from INDI.


The mount can be started - the camera cannot...

As you can see by this PIC both devices are started and running in INDI control panel that I started from KSTARS

Sorry for being totally new to this - I bet I do all errors in then book at the same time.


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Downloaded and built from source, according to instructions here (I'll see if I can find the link) 


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I'm trying to set up a brand new Astroberry with the RPIHQ camera as auto guider but the drivers seems wrong?

With name: RPI Camera
FIFO: Starting driver indi_rpicam
2021-09-22T18:29:54: Driver indi_rpicam: pid=1238 rfd=6 wfd=9 efd=10
2021-09-22T18:29:54: Driver indi_rpicam: indi_rpicam: symbol lookup error: indi_rpicam: undefined symbol: _ZN4INDI3CCD22checkTemperatureTargetEv
2021-09-22T18:29:54: Driver indi_rpicam: stderr EOF
2021-09-22T18:29:54: Driver indi_rpicam: Terminated after #0 restarts.
Child process 1238 died

Camera is connected and works fine with Raspistill - and even solves great using Skysolve on the same setup - but it only sends info to Skysafari (not for guiding)

So how do I get PHD2 to understand that the RPI camera is for guiding and its supposed to send data to my Onstep - controller (Lx200Onstep I assume)