Niclas replied to the topic 'RPi HQ camera driver crashes' in the forum. 1 year ago

OK, here was the link.

I ran it again and now at least the camera seems to work better.

I start Kstars (im in Astroberry btw)
under tools / devices I select "run service for my RPI camera and LX200 Onstep I created
They both start services just fine and appears to work from there.

I then start up PHD2 as I want to use this camera for guiding so here I can connect equipment and both camera and Mount have populated fields from INDI.


The mount can be started - the camera cannot...

As you can see by this PIC both devices are started and running in INDI control panel that I started from KSTARS

Sorry for being totally new to this - I bet I do all errors in then book at the same time.