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Thank you for the clarification, Jasem, I’ll clear alignment data and try setting ZP with CW down and OTA pointing at Polaris. Then proceed with a star alignment routine.

I’ll report back to this post for the benefit of other beginners.

Thanks again!

Clear skies, Ali.


Ali created a new topic ' GEM28 confusion' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello all,

I am a complete beginner so please bear with me.

I’ve been learning all things astrophotography this past month and testing my equipment from the roof of my home.

I seem to have encountered a few issues with my mount and have uncovered a few areas of user ignorance.

My first question is, do I need to perform star alignment before starting the PA routine on ekos or can I simply plate solve and sync? (I’ve done the latter and it just confuses the mount after slewing to a target with the solve and slew mode, constantly increasing the error as it solves)

My second question is regarding Zero position, I set it with the counterweights pointing down and the scope parallel to the ground. Is that correct? And is it essential to be meticulous with mount zero position?

Thank you all.

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