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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question...

I am trying to use the observation planner feature, specifically the wizard that lets me select objects within a specified portion of the sky. I don't understand what it expects as input for the rectangular portion.

From my porch I can only see the part of the sky from the north, to NE to east to south east. I want to look for objects that I can observe only within this portion of the sky.

So I selected Polaris on the north, and Saturn which is currently in SE from where I live. I grabbed their RA and Dex coordinates and entered them in the wizard. But it seems to consistently pick objects only from the part of the sky that I cannot see. I tried different combinations but I cannot get it to work.

I even tried the circular region. I put the coordinates of the Andromeda Galaxy as the center and a radius of 90. The resulting list does not contain the Andromeda Galaxy! So I am certain that I don't fundamentally understand the inputs it is expecting.

Can someone provide a specific example of how to use this feature? If a video or a tutorial exists about this, even better.

I have verified that it shows the correct date, time and place. I ask the wizard to filter by observation time and altitude, but I do not ask to filter by magnitude.


I have a Raspberry 4 running Stellarmate OS. It is connected to my home wifi, it is about 10 feet from the router. I have a computer running Windows connected via ethernet to the same network. I started Indi server on the Pi and am using KStars/Ekos from the windows machine.

The file transfer is extremely slow. A 12 Mb file takes 20-22 seconds to download! I have tried switching to 5Ghz and 2.5 Ghz but to no avail. Surprisingly, even the browser opened on the Pi and checking internet speed using speedtest gives a measly 40 Mbps (I get 300 Mbps on my laptop over wifi). I understand the Pi is slower, but did not think it will be that slow.

What are my options? Are there settings I can play with?

The Pi is outside and I'm inside, so running an ethernet cable is not really an option.


I use the Stellarmate app on android to connect to a raspberry PI 4 running Stellarmate OS.

I like how the Targets module shows on the app. Specifically how it shows the images for various objects, along with an altitude vs time graph. It helps me to plan what I want to see at a given time.

But the "Find object" feature in KStars on Windows only shows search results in a pop window. I also cannot see any images for the messier objects that the app shows. So my questions are:

1. What database does the app use to show images for the Messier and NGC objects? And how can I use the same database on the windows application?
2. Is there a way to customize the view for the "Find object" feature in KStars in Windows, to make it show the same features that the app shows?


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I'm very new to Kstars/Ekos.

I notice that Comet Leonard cannot be found by KStars. Is there some database update that I must do to get this?


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I am very new to both stellarmate and indi, so apologies if my question is silly.

I want to know if the player one Neptune c camera will work with stellarmate, specifically through ekos. I read here that there are indi drivers for player one cameras. I just want to confirm that it will work with ekos before I buy this camera.


I saw here that there are indi drivers for all player one cameras.

I want to know whether the player one Neptune c camera will work with stellarmate...
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