I'm new Stellarmate user, and I was really amazed until this issue appeared.
Last couple of days I was having issues while tracking objects. For some reason I can see that mount is not able to track properly. I'm using kstars on a Windows machine, I have doubled checked location and time are correct.
Once connected to Stellarmate (it's running on RPi4) I can control mount and camera with no issues.

Last night I was trying to photograph Pleiades, so I selected it on kstars, I did a GoTo and once mount arrived, I used "Capture and Solve" for centering object. After 3 or 4 attemps it was centered. After that I can see that mount status says "tracking" but it's not doing properly.
I'm not able to take a picture of more than 2 seconds without stars trailing. If I check pointer in kstars I can see that it's moving from selected object little by little and after a couple of minutes it's quite far away.

I'm a bit desperate because a week ago (in my first attempt) it was working fine. I was doing exposures of 25 secs with no issues. I took a total of 30 mins exposure and object was centered. So I don't really know what I've changed
Using Skysafari connected to my mount, I could see that tracking mode was set as "sideral" which is correct.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance and regards,