Davide Maino created a new topic ' Canon 700D issues with Ekos' in the forum. 6 months ago

I recently experienced an issue with my Canon 700D (T5i) with Ekos. This happens in every capture situations (eitther focusing or real image capture). It fails to capture one on the other image. The issue is present with 1.9.6 version of the INDI lib and Kstars 3.5.9 as well as with INDI 1.9.7 and Kstars 3.6.0. Attached is the log. I tried different drivers but got the same issue with both indi_canon_ccd and indi_gphoto_ccd. I checked the camera itself and it has no issue at all. I'm the process of leaving for a better bortle sky region (only 5 mind you!) and I do not know if taking with me all my equipment.

Any suggestions?