Doug Dietrich created a new topic ' Astroberry WiFi Logon Issues' in the forum. 2 years ago


I'm having issues logging into the Astroberry Server. I have logged on locally and loaded all of my devices and control them with Ekos (Main & guide camera, mount, autofocus, and filter wheel - all work locally. I'm sure I am missing something simple, but when I connect my MacBook Pro to the astroberry WiFi and navigate to astroberry.local with Safari, I get the following


When I hit logon I get


Note: I changed the default password and use the new password successfully to logon locally. The above error was when I used my new password. When I tried the default password, I get


I have loaded & reloaded astroberry using both ApplePiBaker balenaEtcher many times. and Anyone have any ideas on how to get out of this rut? Is there a super-secret separate account used to logon to a remote session that I missed in the documentation? Any help is greatly appreciated.