I put stellarmate OS on a raspberry pi 4.   Stellarmate appeared as an available network.  i was able to add my home wifi network to the device and was able to connect using my laptop using VNC.   updated Stellarmate OS ( i think or it said i did, but didn't see any changes to the stellarmate version number ).    And was able to connect to the Sky watcher AZGi Wifi mount and camera via KSTARS/Ekos.     Everything was good.     shutdown and the next day no Stellarmate wifi SSID.     recycled power several time over the next few days, but stellarmate network would not appear.    I am able connect to KSTARS using my home network.
Anyone have any trouble shooting suggestions?
beware, this is my first attempt using stellarmate and raspberry pi.   so please use language that a first time user would understand.