Where things are  after i had everything working when stellarmate network ssid was available and several days have elapsed....I provide power to raspberry Pi 4 with stellarmate installed.    I go to my pc and stellar mate network ssid never appears.   
you suggested "If you want to return to stellarmate wifi then use the stellarmate app connected to your house wifi, anf go to wifi settings,> join a network >forget wifi, and stellarmate hotspot will eventually turn on again"
i can't find what you suggest....
I go to stellarmate.local:6080,  after getting the NoVNC window, i provide smate password and Kstar opens.  I  open application window, go to preferences, then advanced network configuration.  Network connection window opens.
show two wifi  items......Wifi connection 1 and stellarmate.   if i select wifi connection1 and then settings icon.....don't see any thing that tells to not use wifi connection, nor how to delete.
if i go to kstars/Tools/ekos . still don't see what you suggest.

if i go to iphone stellarmate......hit rescan......can't find stellarmate.

also tried with browser entering stellarmate Ip address.....and again can't find stellarmate

sorry as i mentioned.....i am a complete novice
any additional hints or documents would be appreciated