got it working for me, after talking to Alex Zarvis in the comment section of this video:
i managed to get hold of a windows machine, patched the firmware of the mount to the latest version using:
Then i downloaded a tool called "FT_PROG" and started digging in the EEPROM of the mount in order to invert something called "DTR" and now it works with Stellarmate


Running Stellarmate 1.6.0 on a raspberry 4, fresh install, i have a ORION Skyscanner 100 for initial testing and hooked a raspberry driven webcam type of thing on it, connected it to the stellarmate as an "INDI Webcam" from the Ekos wizzard, i get an image.

Problem: Connected tge iEXOS100 the same way, usb mini b cable with an unsb A end and plugged it into the usb2 port of the raspberry, it gets connected as /dev/ttyUSB0
Default Setting for the ES iEXOS100 PMC-Eight, i onlz touched the Baud Rate to 115200, when ever i press buttons labeld "Connect" or similar, i get some activity in the INDI Control Panel LOG, and it normaly ends with:

[ERROR] Bad connection. Trying to reconnect.
[ERROR] check_pmc8_connection(): Error connecting. Check power and connection settings.

Power is not an issue, using the explore scientific way i get some movement out of the thing, so i guess thats fine, next guess, bad usb cable, next guess, write here and ask for ideas, iam a bit lost....