Valerio created a new topic ' Ekos keeps saving same image file' in the forum. 1 year ago

I've found a couple of time a very odd behaviour: while taking picture, at about the 7th - 8th picture Ekos does not write new image files but continues overwriting the 8th file with the last image taken. The counter of taken images goes on on the screen but the files stays at 8. Other than that no other issues can be found. This is the log from the CCD tab in Ekos:

2022-08-03T23:55:51 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:55:51 Dither complete.
2022-08-03T23:55:51 Dithering succeeded.
2022-08-03T23:55:35 Dithering...
2022-08-03T23:55:35 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_008.fits
2022-08-03T23:55:35 Received image 12 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:55:35 Download Time: 1.18 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.27 s.
2022-08-03T23:50:33 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:50:32 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_008.fits
2022-08-03T23:50:32 Received image 11 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:50:32 Download Time: 1.31 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.28 s.
2022-08-03T23:45:30 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:45:28 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_008.fits
2022-08-03T23:45:28 Received image 10 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:45:28 Download Time: 1.21 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.28 s.
2022-08-03T23:40:27 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:40:26 Dither complete.
2022-08-03T23:40:26 Dithering succeeded.
2022-08-03T23:40:12 Dithering...
2022-08-03T23:40:12 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_007.fits
2022-08-03T23:40:12 Received image 9 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:40:12 Download Time: 1.26 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.29 s.
2022-08-03T23:35:11 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:35:09 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_007.fits
2022-08-03T23:35:09 Received image 8 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:35:09 Download Time: 1.27 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.29 s.
2022-08-03T23:30:07 Capturing 300.000-second image...
2022-08-03T23:30:06 Captured /home/astroberry/Light/Pickering_Light_007.fits
2022-08-03T23:30:06 Received image 7 out of 30.
2022-08-03T23:30:06 Download Time: 1.25 s, New Download Time Estimate: 1.30 s.

As you can see, it first wrote twice image 8 and 9 on 007 file and then after it wrote image 11 and 12 on 008 file.

Anyone any idea? At the moment I tried to manually change the file name after the download, but when it happened on the first time a month or two ago it worked and numbering resumed correctly, yesterday it led to a "write file error" and crash of the program...