A new Celestron AVX mount won’t connect to Atikbase / Stellarmate Kstars / Ekos 3.5.9. Any clues how to get Stellarmate to talk to a Celestron AVX?

The driver does not crash. However it won’t detect or communicate with the AVX mount. I have used two different USB cables. I have put a powered USB hub between the AVX and the Atikbase running Stellarmate. I used different USB ports on the Atikbase. I plug into the bottom of the AVX mount’s hand controller. I did align the mount using a Two-Star alignment. Gotos from the hand control operate fine.

I have verified the cables work by connecting the USB cable to a PC running AstroPlanner. It connects to the mount, reads its position, commands it to go to positions, moves the scope, gets the time/date from the mount without issue.

I went back to the Atikbase / Stellarmate and the AVX, and it still won’t connect. The port listed in the configuration is /dev/ttyUSB0. Should this be something other than the default value of /dev/ttyUSB0? The Atikbase / Stellarmate does connect to and operate my 2006-vintage CGE mount and controls it (I tell Ekos it is a CGEM). I have a separate configuration for using the CGE vs. the AVX. I have not checked the port on the CGE.

I’ve included the log file. I searched the forum using various keywords related to AVX and connection. I read the FAQ on mounts, and thus tried the USB hub. I’ll get new cables and see if the present cables are USB 1.0 cables while 2.0 or 3.0 are required. The same cable that connects to the mount may be moved to connect an Atik 428EX color CCD with Stellarmate / Ekos. It connects and controls the camera and acquires images.

The AVX is a new mount for a smaller lighter imaging system that is more portable than what I have on the CGE. I’ll be switching back and forth between the CGE and the AVX in the future (not simultaneously).

Notes on the log file. There are several trials in the log. One of them did not have the Atik or QHY cameras plugged in. Ignore that part of the log.

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