I have the same problem with Kstars 3.5.9.

My setup is a Raspberry PI 4, 4g, a Sony A7r, a qhy5-ii for guiding.

My problem rises up when I try Plate Solving.

Updated everything now, but now and then I get the same problem.

Kstars and Ekos crashes when I do try platesolving.

I will try with Sony specific driver instead of Indi_ghphoto_ccd...


I know this topic it is old, but I found myself in the same situation, with an Oly EM1.2 and an A7r cameras not willing to work with Kstars and Ekos.

So what I did, is try to find which version of libgphoto2 was on my Raspberry Pi 4, and it turned out to be last version available.

Then I tryed to see gphoto2 and it was missing on my system, so I used this command line to install it manuall:

sudo apt-get install gphoto2

And it worked out.

After doing this in a shell, I restarted Kstars, and Ekos, setted all the configuration of both Olympus OMD EM1.2 and and it worked like a charm. I tryed only to record the RAW files on camera, in the SD, and it worked.

On my A7r it worked but I couln't make the RAWs to be recorded on the SD. I don't know if it was a config problem or other cause.

Maybe someone can have some help with my findings.

Best regards.