Hi,I've tried to post this on CN, but had no answers. I'm new to guided astrophotography, and dying to get startet so I really hope you guys can help me!
 I am taking the route of a remote system, where I bought a Rpi4, installed Astroberry, and followed a guide on youtube to connect it to my Heq5 pro mount, my DSLR camera and my zwo guidecamera. Everything is connected to the Rpi4. The DSLR and guidecam seems to connect fine, but once I press the "connect" button for my mount in Ekos, Kstars crashes within a second.  At the same time the mount starts to slew on the dec axis ever so slowly. The logfile is gibberish to me, and I dont know if it's relevant at this point (maybe there are other things I should check first?).I have tried to connect the EQdir cable to different USB ports on the Rpi4 to no avail. I have no reason to believe that I have any power issues to the mount (power supply is 12v 5A) or the Rpi (5v 3A) where I disconnect everything but the mount. I was wondering if the problem could be the Eqdir cable, but I was able to connect it to my PC and slew it using astrophotography tool. I did however need to change the baud rating on the port to connect it. Can the same be the case on the RPI4? How do I change the port settings in a RPI4/Astroberry?I read on the INDI website that I need to have the latest firmware driver for my mount, so I tried to download this and run the install for the motor control, but I got a message saying that the motor control can not be upgraded by end-user (version was 1.4 or something, so I know that my heq5 is pretty old and not upgradable). Will this affect connectivity to kstars/ekos? Should I buy a new motherboard for my HEQ5? Can anyone give me any pointers to what to try next? How do I troubleshoot this issue?
 Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post. I probably forget some details in my explanations, so let me know if anything is unclear.  Best regards