Hi, new here and have been having fun trying to get Astroberry to work reliably. I've been able to get it all set up and working from my windows computer on my home network. I also have a windows tablet and a mini pc which I have been trying to connect. On the main PC everything works okay via the browser but on the mini PC and the tablet when I try to access the Astroberry I get alot of sawtooth images on the home screen making it unusable on these devices. When I go back to the mainĀ 
Pc, the screen there is clear. At first I thought I might be having power problems with the Pi but this cant be so as the main computer works faultlessly. Its only a problem as the main computer is upstairsĀ  from where I want to use the telescope and I was hoping to connect to Astroberry through the tablet when at the scope. I have tried both on my home network and on the Astroberry hotspot and got exactly the same results. Just as an aside my phone also connects okay without the sawtooth imges but the screen is too small to be useful.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.