Hello folks,
I'm Chris and i'm new.
I bought an Omegon veTec 16000C and i have some Issues. First, The cam works. But not verry well. If i make in Kstars dark frames or sequence the imaging brokes  (kstars-bleeding installed from ppa stable release or nightly build from indilib.org).
Sometimes but it works. I think if the exposure 1sec or < 5sec it is better but not always.
I tested with Windows 10 and the original software a long exposure  sequence with about 60sec 5 images. That was working. I think the cam is all right.
If i use Linux Kubuntu 20.04 or Kubuntu 21.10 it fails most of the time. Not always.

I've made some logs and outputs form my system. I hope someone can help.
Thank You!!

Here my logs and outputs: