Am I using the wrong term? Could well be.. I mean the KStars mobile app for Android/iOS, not the KStars program that I run on my PC.

Is this enough info? If not, please let me know:


If you have multiple networks at home, or if you use some type of VM to host Android/iOS on a Windows machine to run it, you cannot use the KStars app. It will not connect, even if port 80 and the manager at port 8624/whatever is open and accessible.

It would be great if there was a way to make this work.


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Nope - sorry. I ended up doing a support ticket and they said it didn't work.

SM isn't the most secure thing so I guess I understand the reluctance to all it to be on a public network but I wish they'd put in a side door so people with VMs can still get at it.


Bummer. TY for the info!


I'd like to record a series of .ser videos. Basically, capture 1 minute at some exposure/etc settings to a file, then capture another minute with some other settings. Maybe have several sets of settings. Once that's done, I'd like it to do the whole thing again, and repeat this until I tell it to stop.

Is this even possible with StellarMate/Ekos? I think I see how to do it with stills but not with video. Tips or pointers to a tutorial would be much appreciated!


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TL;DR: avoid real XBox controllers unless you're sure you can talk the Pi into it.

Somebody suggested I check out "8bitdo" controllers and Amazon delivered a "Pro 2" within a couple hours (I didn't ask - it just showed up quick). Set the mode to X (so says google), hit the pair button, couple clicks in the pi and you're basically done. I've only tried it on the telescope simulator but Ekos picked it right up automatically. I just enabled joystick in the simulator options and bam, done.

I think this is less "8bitdo is awesome" and more "XBox controllers don't play well with others." No complaints about the Pro 2 so far, though.


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I think this is an Ekos question - please shout if not.. StellarMate on a Pi4.

I have an xbox controller (bluetooth) that I would like to use to control my EQMOd mount.

I've seen the tutorial at but it's nearly a decade old (which may be fine? I have no idea if things have changed) and seems to start with the joystick already being hooked up and happy. I've seen a bunch of articles on getting an xbox controller onto a pi but they all want you to install xboxdrv, which my pi says does not exist.

The pi and the controller do see each other.. I turn on the controller and the pi BT icon starts flashing but the controller LED just flashes for a minute then goes stops.

Anybody have a walk-thru on how to get this going from scratch or some tips?? I seem to just be going in circles.. :\



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I can't seem to get it working.. Has anybody done it?

I have StellarMate running on a Pi4. It connects to my wifi without any problems. On my android phone, the app works fine - it connects and everything seems good. Same on my crappy old android tablet.

I have BlueStacks on my nice windows laptop which lets me run android apps on windows. If I open chrome *within bluestacks*, I can get to the IP address of StellarMate and that seems to work fine. I can also get to the web manager at port 8624. If I use stellarmate.local, it can't resolve the name - I have to use the IP address.

The StellarMate app on BlueStacks just will not connect. A rescan doesn't find anything. If I type the IP address in manually and do Add Device, it accepts it but says "communication error" when I try to connect. If I put in a bogus IP, it doesn't accept it.

I think it wants to work but it's just short of making it happen. Anybody gotten this to work? Anybody have any tips?