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Update: I sent out an mail last Friday to Starlight Express, asking if they want to share that command. I am still waiting for a reply.
Out of curiosity, if you need USB level commands to run an device. How did you acquire the USB commands to rotate the wheel itself.
Are those generic among other brands. Meaning, if I can find an one-direction USB command for another brand, it might work on the Starlight Express as well?


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I own an older version of the SX filterwheel. They are well know to not stop at a predictable position.
I believe the stopping mechanism works with magnetic sensors, but they overshoot.
Clockwise it will overshoot a few degrees clockwise, and anticlockwise it overshoots a few degrees in the other direction.
Rendering 5 till 10% of my 1.25 filter diameter useless.

I installed their own filterwheel controller, and there is the possibility to enable or disable 2-way, forcing the filterwheel to always turn clockwise. (connected through USB)
I did not see this option available in the indi_sx_wheel driver. Are there plans to add this or other filterwheel options (like rotation speed, which can also limit the overshooting issue for SX filterwheel)?