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First post.

I am getting all my equipment running, and having success. I have the RPI4 talking to both cameras, and the filter wheel. I have NOT brought in
the Nexstar 11 yet. It is RS-232, and I have a USB adapter for it. I do not think the hardware interface should be a problem with Ekos.

Anyway, I am blown away with the idea that one does not need to do an actual polar alignment in Ekos.!

My question is: would this also work with an Az/El mount like the Nexstar??? Could I also plate solve with the Az/El mount?

I have a 10" astrograph as well, but no mount as of yet. I know field rotation and focal length are major issues with the Nexstar, but I would like to
try some 1-2 minute exposures here where the skies are pretty dark.

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Moultrie, GA